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about aeonics

æonics is a European software development company created in March 2020. It is represented in Belgium: Brussels, Nivelles and Liège and in France: Nice and Paris.

æonics is aimed at innovative companies with concerns related to data collection, processing and normalization. It offers a pragmatic solution with a backend-type software that excels in data processing and delivery. The æonics technology enables deploying applications in no-time and solves the most recurring data-related issues. Users thrive with a total autonomy on the solution in any sector or market share.

The technology developed by æonics allows to consider IT projects as the collaboration of functional elements in a serverless or microservices way. Unlike cloud-native solutions that do not permit local deployments, the æonics backend application server offers multiple combinations, from a monolithic architecture to a fully autonomous cloud cluster.

our team
æonics • Simon Uyttendaele

Simon Uyttendaele

CEO - System and software engineer

Sustainable IT evangelist

æonics • Guillaume Mériel

Guillaume Mériel

COO - Expert in digital transformation

#SmartCity - # Industry4.0 - #Responsibledigital

æonics • Vincent Halewyck

Vincent Halewyck

CSO - Business Strategist

#Strategy #Sustainable-IT #Development

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