Partnership: Aeonics and i-LAN join forces

In order to provide cutting-edge technology including the hardware layer, virtualization layer and software layer, Aeonics and i-Lan unite to propose a unique system on the market.

i-LAN is a leading provider of innovative Edge Compute Solution As A Services, offering total security and managed solutions for companies of all sizes.

Embedded in the secure OneBox environment, Aeonics brings the ease of management and robustness of the system at the application layer.


Customers can deploy on-prem micro infrastructures with multiple interconnected edge nodes that share an efficient business logic and a service-based software architecture. This unique product makes it possible to quickly deploy an autonomous IT architecture to process large volumes of data and facilitate strategic decision-making. The system combines the power of the efficient i-LAN OneBox standalone servers that embed the Aeonics solution, thus facilitating the preparation and use of data in a sovereign environment.

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